#6 school holidays

School holidays are busy and sometimes fun. Sometimes they are looooong, drawn out affairs in which nothing ever really happens and sometimes they seem to pass by in a whirlwind of activity.

These holidays have been an odd mixture of the two. We haven’t done many notable things, but the end is very definitely in sight.

Highlights for the children would probably include visiting friends on boats and getting to chop wood with an axe and shoot (non-living) things with pellets, or maybe going to oxford with different friends and eating ice-cream in G&D’s followed by swimming in a posh pool.


My dissertation is going nowhere and I need to pick it up sharpish… there’s not long to go before it’ll be handing in time and I’ll most likely be in a huge state of panic!

I like school holidays, mostly.


2 thoughts on “#6 school holidays

  1. Mostly- v. true. There is time to experience life, but kids be draining. Juggling getting your own stuff done, and actually being there for the little ones is tricky. Hope the dissertation came together.

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