#9 on parenting

I was a teen parent. At 16 I breastfed, co-slept, tried to follow the parenting ‘rules’ that I had been brought up with. I failed.

At 18, thanks to an abusive boyfriend, an overly suspicious doctor and a non existent support network I lost my daughter to social services and my parents.

At 19, post-suicidal and pregnant again (same abusive boyfriend), I thought I could do it right.

My (2nd) daughter is now 13, she’s a mini-me. She is as anti-authority as i was. Wants to warp the rules to suit her as much as i did. She recently shaved her head and wears a safety pin in her ear. She rocks the same grunge clothing that I did, listens to the same punk music that I did, fights her mother the same as I did.

I only hope she doesn’t follow the same path that I did.

I hope I have taught her the reality of teenage relationships, I hope she knows that sex does make babies, I want her to grow up out of her rebellion and into the amazing woman I know she has potential to be.

This parenting malarkey is pretty bloomin’ difficult!


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